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Intercool is a recording company.. 

it’s evolving a creative team.

Intercool Edizioni Musicali S.r.l. is an Italian publishing company founded in 1997 in Brescia by DJ and Producer Paola Peroni and Peroni’s Family, the main labels are: Snap & Shake, Pasta Records, Hardwols Label, Intercool Digital label and others.


Productions and publishing collaborations such as Bacon Popper, Alex Castelli, DJ Groovy, Ottomix, Miss Groovy, Luis Rodriguez, Willy Marano, Boostedkids, Graziano Fanelli, Thomas Dill, Madame Sisì, Carolina Marconi, Valerio Merola, Ricci Jr DJ and many others.

The label, in addition to its own and other music productions, is responsible for producing the videos for them, thus creating a new indie label, completely independent of the majors.

We do produce music but we’re also focused on a large amount of relative fields in order to support our artists: from graphic, to videos, web creation,booking, label management, promotion.

We do believe in thought, as a way to express every possible representation of art.


In 2006 Paola Peroni and Intercool created the "school" for DJ Producer "ESSERE O DIVENTARE DJ which later developed with Confartigianato Imprese Brescia. Training lessons with industry professors, such as: Gianfranco Bortolotti (Media Records), Mauro Farina (The Saifam Group), Willy Marano (Booking) and many others. Guests such as Eiffel 69, Cristian Marchi, and so on. Today we are looking for new talents, even if you are not perfect We will help you to grow, We ask you for belief, discipline, dedication but above all passion for music!

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