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Graziano Fanelli


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Graziano Fanelli began to approach music from an early age playing the drums, that's why the rhythms of his productions are special! A talent that develops year after year and turns into a profession so much that his fans call him Maestro. Yesterday a resident Deejay in the best clubs Made in Brescia such as Genux "the largest club in the world" and Florida, today at Paradiso and all around Italy with Radio Studiopiù Party on the road.

Fundamental pivot of Radio Studio Più alongside Claudio Tozzo in the console and in the Radio consolidates its success today as then!Morning Fever: the daily program where listeners interact by requesting their favorite songs through the Radio secretariat, Graziano Fanelli assembles everything and Walter Massa's Voice amplifies the program!

Graziano Fanelli Deejay but also Producer with DJ Movement makes his first album with the pseudonym "Space Master" Top Hit of the charts USA, France, Benelux, Spain, Japan and many other countries in the world!

Ever green of success, songs programmed for years in Clubs, Networks and Films: "I need U by Space Master" soundtrack of "Ricky and Barabba" with Renato Pozzetto and Christian De Sica at Cecchi Gori Group & Penta Film.

Remixer and Producer of Top projects: the album "Fabulous" by Temperer feat Maya with Mario Fargetta, the album "Walking on Music" by Corona, Estrella who with La Playa del sol arrives at the Festivalbar; partner of Music Event with Raffaele Checchia participates in the pre-production of the first albums by Francesco Renga. Not everyone knows that Cristian Marchi's "Love Sex American Express" was born in Graziano Fanelli's studio and so many other successes by others where he chose not to appear but to be a "ghost producer". Fanelli's remixes give a special touch to songs that become HITs on the major independent and major labels.

2015 Maestro Graziano Fanelli teacher of “Essere o Diventare Deejay” “To Be or Become a Deejay” alongside Paola Peroni: the Course for Deejay sponsored by Confartigianato Imprese Unione Brescia. To date, protagonist in the direction and in the console for numerous programs on Radio Studio Più: Dance Time Machine with the voice of Alex Castellini and the 90's hits. Fanelli is the encyclopedia of music, ranging from the 70s to the present day, from the dance years 80 at raggaeton not only with an avant-garde DJ set but also mixing in real time the music he remastered and videos reproduced on a big screen!

Today like yesterday, energy, professionalism and dynamism: Graziano Fanelli mixing for U!

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